Bobby's Bama: Lee's Bees

Springtime is here and the flowers are blooming. That means that means the bees are busy.

Professional bee keeper Jeff Lee has up to 100,000 bees.

"We run, as a farm about 60 to 75 hives every year and that changes based on the season....mortality rates and things of that nature," said Lee.

Lee is a fourth generation bee keeper.

"The bees if they're healthy, if they're healthy and we have a good year will provide us with honey, and bees wax," he said.

The hives are kept on trailers so they can be moved around for pollination.

Lee estimates the honey should be ready for him to take in May.

Lee said the bees wax is processed into candles and wax figurines and can be found at several stores in the Athens area.

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