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My Take - Self-Injury

A recent study in Pediatrics Magazine revealed an alarming new trend among teens and young adults: deliberately cutting and burning themselves. The study showed that somewhere between 14 and 21 percent of young people have deliberately harmed themselves at least once. The researchers believe online videos that demonstrate how to do this are encouraging this type of behavior, particularly in those who may have only been considering it. There are also chat rooms and internet groups specifically designed for young people to discuss ways in which they've hurt themselves. Google and YouTube are taking steps to prevent access to this type of information, but parents also have to get involved. Watch for the warning signs of self-injury, such as unexplained and frequent cuts and burns, wearing long sleeves and long pants in warm weather, low self-esteem and difficulty handling situations. For more information and a list of resources for help, go to the My Take section of I'm Vanessa Oubre and that's my take. What's yours?

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