NASA investigating launch failure

By Stephen Gallien - email

VANDENBURG AIR FORCE BASE, CA (WAFF) – NASA is working to find out what caused a malfunction following a rocket launch that will keep a multi-billion dollar satellite from making it into orbit.

The Taurus XL rocket blasted off from Vandenberg Air Force Base shortly after 4:00 local time Friday morning.

Something went wrong and six minutes into the rocket's flight the nosecone failed to separate from the rocket as planned which kept the rocket from reaching the velocity needed to get into orbit.

NASA says it looks like the rocket carrying the satellite is now in the Pacific Ocean.

This mission had been designed to help scientists better understand the Earth's climate with the focus being tiny atmospheric particles called "aerosols" and their relationship to the sun.

The Taurus rocket carrying the Glory spacecraft was supposed to launch last week but it was delayed due to ground support issues.

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