Gas Prices Showing Up At Grocery Stores

By Bobby Shuttleworth - bio | email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Rising gas Prices are being shown at groceries stores.

Giant trucks carry goods across the country and to your local grocery store. Because the fuel needed to run those trucks is costing more and guess who gets to foot that bill?

One businessman's survival depends on being able to track those prices that get passed along to you.  Yaser Alayei says he's owned his grocery store for 7 years but recent gas prices have him worried.

"Every time the gas goes up it affects us in delivery charges as far as chicken or grocery or any product", says Alayei.

He says it's hitting his business hard.

"I think we used to pay $40 dollars delivery for the warehouse trip, but now it's about $180 dollars," adds Alayei.

That why lettuce has nearly doubled in price.

"A month ago I think it was an increase of a dollar fifty a head. Tomato, for example was average price of about 99 to a dollar 29 cents a pound."

There is no doubt the bigger chain stores are also seeing an increase in transportation fees, but it's really the mom and pop stores that are really taking a hit.

Regardless, we are seeing all of them passing those costs on to you.

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