Bobby's Bama: Decatur's Lady Liberty

By Bobby Shuttleworth - bio | email

DECATUR, AL (WAFF)- One of the many images people have of the United States or New York is the Statue of Liberty.  It's a symbol of freedom, friendship with France or even a beacon of welcome to the United States.

A replica of that patriotic masterpiece can be found in unlikely spot in Decatur.

Motorists can see Lady Liberty near K-Mart and Kelly's Jewelry at the intersection of Highway 31 and Highway 67.

She's there because of the Stuart Family.

"Back when 9-11 happened, the towers fell me and not unlike anyone else, had the little lapel pins and the little stickers...little car tags and magnets on the vehicles," said Kelly Stuart.

He says those things fall off and fade and his family wanted a more permanent reminder of their patriotic pride.

"We found this on the road between Opelika and Phoenix City," said Stuart.

They then brought it back to their business.

This figure may not get the two million plus visitors a year, but her torch still lights the way and her tablet enlightens the willing.

"To me it means freedom...the American Dream, you know and every thing under that....It's all the people who fought and sacrificed for what we have now....we just take for granted.  Sometimes you roll in here late at night or early in the morning and see that it and it just wakes you up," said Stuart.

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