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Bobby's Bama: Drive through prayer

By Bobby Shuttleworth - bio | email

DECATUR, AL (WAFF)- Most of us are familiar with a drive through restaurant, drive through dry cleaners or drive through pharmacies, but in Decatur there's also drive through prayer.

Mike Robertson owns a body shop on Highway 31.  Besides working on cars, he offers prayers to those who need it.

"Our pastor started doing a series on no regrets.  And emphasizing on doing what we can with what we have where we are," Robertson said. "I've got a big U-shaped driveway here.  I have the opportunity to pray with people.  I'll put the sign up and anybody who wants the prayer can drive through - they don't even have to get out of their car."

Mike says he's seen a positive reaction to it.

"Everybody that's come through know, they have a need or they want somebody in their family prayed for ...and that's what I do."

Mike says requests can be help for a sickness, jobs, or family members.   He'll then find a pertinent scripture and use that as a basis for his prayers.  He says every prayer is tailor-made to fit the need of the individual.

While McDonald's or Burger King may feed the body, Mike says his drive through feeds the soul.

"Whenever I have the opportunity to pray with somebody, it's an opportunity for me to reach out, with God, and say, 'How can God help you?'"

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