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My Take - Road Treatment

We're not exactly known for getting a lot of snow here in Alabama, which has made this winter even more treacherous for Valley drivers. Last week's ice storm caused crashes all across North Alabama. In fact, many drivers said the roads were actually worse than after our big winter storm in January. But if you were brave enough to drive all the way up to the Alabama Tennessee border, you saw a drastically different situation. Roads in the Volunteer state were much more clear and passable than ours. The reason is because crews in Tennessee treated the roads with brine in the days leading up to the storm. Now that brine is being tested in parts of Alabama. If it's found to be cost effective, it will eventually be used in other parts of the state. I don't know how the state will define "cost effective," but I do know this: a lot of people got hurt last week because of the icy roads. And if there's an easy way to prevent that from happening again, we seriously need to consider it. I'm Vanessa Oubre and that's my take. What's yours?

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