The UA-Huntsville tragedy from an academic standpoint

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Doctor Gopi Podilla, Dr. Ariel Johnson, and Dr. Maria Ragland-Davis were all highly respected scientists, experts in their individual fields.

Their colleagues tell us they're work is irreplaceable, and one of the biggest tragedies is what they won't be able to teach future students.

Members of the biology department tell us they wonder what these three scientists might have discovered had they had more time.

Dr. Joe Ng talks about how that has impacted the science community, and future biologists.

"What's immediately lost is, you've got experts in their fields that are no longer here and that are no longer teaching first hand in classes. And, we know the topics that we need to teach, and I think one of the most visible losses, that we lost that firsthand experience in teaching in that particular field," said Dr. Ng.

Dr. Ng is in the process of finding three new professors for the biology department. He's received hundreds of applications.

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