Search for new professors continues 1 yr. after shooting

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF)- A year after the UA-Huntsville shooting some of the teaching positions still haven't been filled.

The man tasked with finding replacements for the faculty members lost says he is taking his time, looking for the right people for the job.

Dr. Joe Ng has received hundreds of resumes for the three positions of those who were killed.

He's excited about the possibilities, and doesn't think the shootings have deterred anyone from applying.

Dr. Ng said that some of the changes on campus have been good for their department.

"I can safely say, we're considered like a family. People say, well you know, it's such a generic term; because, but in many ways we are. We work weekends, in evenings, sometimes we're here very odd hours, we don't see each other at our best sometimes," said Dr. Ng.

Ng says colleagues and fellow scientists at Hudson-Alpha and other professors came to the rescue this year. They jumped in, taught classes, and were the glue that kept the students and department together.

He says he has reached out to other universities and science professionals to let them know UA Huntsville is looking.

"I'm not sure about the apprehension, but they are very eager, very enthusiastic. They all have excellent resumes; I think it's a very competitive market out there, and any type of academic slot has always been very, very competitive," said Dr. Ng.

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