UAH professor says students helped her cope

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF)- In the year since the shootings, professors have reached out to students, especially students from the biology department, to ensure they get their projects done and graduate.

These professors have also learned to gain strength from their pupils. They see bits of their former colleagues in these young people everyday.

Dr. Lynn Boyd worked side by side with Maria Ragland Davis, had an office next door to Adriel Johnson, and was very close to Dr. Gopi Podila.

She was also in the conference room during the shooting.

Dr. Boyd says the students and the science helped her move forward.

"It wouldn't honor them to give up and to wallow in my sorrows," said Dr. Boyd. "The students have been an inspiration to me, actually. "They kept working in the lab. They could have given up. Without anyone telling them, students kept working on their projects.

Boyd says they are now trying to focus on recovery, and be there for to help the students who lost professors and mentors.

"There are so many students and staff...and being with them has made me feel like I'm not going through it by myself, which is important...we are getting through it together," said Dr. Boyd.

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