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My Take - Huntsville City Schools Superintendent Search

The Huntsville City School System is more than 20 million dollars in debt and many place the blame firmly at the feet of soon-to-be-former Superintendent Dr. Ann Roy Moore. The effects of the decisions made by Dr. Moore during her tenure will still be felt long after she's gone. Whoever replaces her will be faced with the possibility of more layoffs and even the closing of school buildings. That's why the school board voted to spend $24,000 to have an outside firm search for new superintendent candidates. Many people say they shouldn't have spent such a large sum of money when the system is already suffering under such a massive weight of debt. But just as Dr. Moore's policies will continue to impact education for quite some time, her successor will make decisions that will be felt by Huntsville students for years to come. Maybe we can't afford to spend $24,000, but can we afford to hire a superintendent who's not up to the challenge? I'm Vanessa Oubre and that's my take. What's yours?

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