Bobby's Bama: Karen Reed's Earthstar Glass

By Bobby Shuttleworth - bio | email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - When you think of stained glass art, church windows may come to mind. But Huntsville artist Karen Reed shows us there are many different types.

In her Huntsville studio, she takes tiny pieces of glass, puts them into a kiln where they are fused and formed into one piece of art.

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"One of the things that makes it so wonderful is that you can work with glass in a full range of temperatures," Reed explained. "It's the science and the art of glass that makes it such a compelling medium."

She says cold glass is familiar in church windows and piece work, but once the temperatures begin to rise, the glass can be stretched and formed any way you like it.

"The next point is the forming stage of glass and that goes above the thousand and up to about 1300 degrees."

With more heat, comes more liquidity. It can even be painted.

"It is a paint that includes glass powder in it, so it becomes a glass surface when it's fired or you can start out with a glass with color already in it," said Reed.

The next phase increases the heat to about 1550 degrees.

"This has really been stretched, but lower in that same temperature range you can achieve all sorts of different definitions in terms of having something fully fused. They're not glued. They are essentially one piece of glass now," Reed demonstrated in her studio.

Karen Reed's work can be found from New England to Florida and points west. And now we're lucky enough to enjoy her talent here in Bobby's Bama.

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