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My Take - Give Blood

Our recent winter storms did more than just close roads and cancel classes, they also wreaked havoc on our blood supply. It is estimated that due to the blood drives being cancelled in the areas across the country that were shut down by the snow, twenty-for thousand blood products were not available to patients who desperately need them. The need for blood doesn't go away just because of a storm. In fact, the need often becomes greater due to weather related accidents. So make time to donate, especially if you have o-negative blood, which makes you a universal donor. You can even use facebook to help remind you of when you can give. Just search for the "Give Blood Countdown" app. It will give you reminders of when you're eligible to donate and will help you self-report your donations. So get started today and make life-saving part of your social networking. I'm Vanessa Oubre and that's my take. What's yours?

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