Bobby's Bama: Snow Daze!

By Bobby Shuttleworth - bio | email

DECATUR, AL (WAFF)- It's been a wild week in North Alabama.  Over four inches of snow has made traveling difficult, but has provided a great opportunity to take some time out to enjoy life.

John Davis and his family were riding down the hill in front of the Old State Bank. "I'm just happy to have the snow," he said, beaming.

Grownups reliving their youth and the need for speed.  "Today makes it a good day to be that way," said Jana Thomas.

Some were out in the fields fighting battles where the weapon of choice, of course, was snowballs.  Others put their building skills to the test in order to make the perfect snowman.

While some snowmen towered above at more than 9 feet tall, others were all dressed up with no where to go.

If every man's home is his castle, does that include snowmen?  Dozens of snow castles, and igloos dotted the landscape.

No doubt about it, snow brings out the child in everyone.

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