Valley woman fighting HHA over apartment building

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A valley woman is going up against the Huntsville Housing Authority for what she calls mistreatment.

LeQuitta Gaskin is in the middle of a fight with the Huntsville Housing Authority and also living in the middle of a construction site, but she said she is not moving.

It all started when the Huntsville Housing Authority purchased apartment buildings, on the brink of foreclosure and told the residents to move out for renovations and remodeling.

Back in July, housing authorities did notify tenants that they were taking over and that residents would have to leave their homes once remodeling started.

They even said they would provide residents with a temporary place to live until all the remodeling was done. However, LeQuitta feels the substitution housing does not provide her with all the amenities that she currently lives with now.

Gaskin said she has been dealing with construction going on all around her for the past two months but she doesn't mind.

She claims the HHA has been slow to come up with solutions for residents on where to turn next.  However, authorities claim once remodeling is done displaced residents will be allowed to move back into their homes if they want to.

Almost all of the residents have taken the offer except for Gaskin who wants a place comparable to what she already has now.

She said if she did move then she would be saying it's okay to be treated unfairly and what housing authorities have done to the residence in her neighborhood is not wrong

Gaskin has already started the ball rolling on appealing the Housing Authority's options for those displaced.

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