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My Take - Handicapped Parking

Like most people, I found myself with a little bit of shopping left to do in the last week before Christmas. And, as is usually the case during the last minute rush, the only thing harder to find than the perfect gift was a decent parking spot. Yes, it was frustrating, but it frustrated me more when I saw cars illegally parked in spaces reserved for the handicapped. While there was an increased police presence at many Valley shopping centers to catch offenders, there are still able-bodied people out there who think it's no big deal to take one of these spaces. I'm fortunate enough not to need one of these spaces but I know people who do and I also know how much easier having access to up front parking makes their lives. It has been said that one of the measures of a society is how well it treats its weakest, most vulnerable citizens. So please, if you don't have a permit to park in one of these spaces, don't. You may think using it for a quick moment while you run in and out is a victimless offense, but you're wrong. I'm Vanessa Oubre and that's my take. What's yours?

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