UAH shooting victims file civil suit against Amy Bishop and her husband

By Margo Gray - bio | email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Two victims from the UA-Huntsville shooting have filed a civil lawsuit.

Stephanie Monticciolo and her husband along with Dr. Joseph Leahy and his wife are named in a suit against Amy Bishop and her husband James Anderson.

[Click here to read the lawsuit (PDF)]

The lawsuit seeks compensatory and punitive damages. In the suit Amy Bishop allegedly caused the injuries to Monticciolo and Leahy during the shooting rampage on UA-Huntsville in February. Three people were killed and three others were injured.

The lawsuit shares details leading up to the shooting and includes more than just Amy Bishop.

It claims Bishop's husband, James Anderson, had a friend purchase the 9-millimeter gun used in the shooting and then let Bishop have the weapon even though she did not have a permit to carry one.

It also goes further by saying, in weeks leading up to the shooting, Bishop visited a local indoor gun range twice, once with her husband and once with an unnamed person.

The suit hints at more lawsuits to come by highlighting the fact that multiple UAH colleagues expressed concern over Bishop's behavior, which may fall on the university.

They were quoted saying, "She was strange, crazy, did things that weren't normal and she was out of touch with reality."

The lawsuit also mentioned pharmaceuticals. Until now, there was no public mention of Amy Bishop being on drugs.

The lawsuit also targets whoever manufactured, assembled, marketed, modified, sold and or distributed any drug, pharmaceutical product or psychotropic medication to Bishop that could have contributed to this shooting.

The civil suit is in addition to criminal charges Bishop faces. Her murder case will go before a Madison County grand jury.

She also faces murder charges in the 1986 shooting death of her brother in Massachusetts. A grand jury there indicted Bishop in June. Seth Bishop was killed by a shotgun blast in their family home outside Boston.

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