Patrick W. Lancaster

SSG Patrick W. Lancaster: Army Commendation Medal with Valor

Staff Sergeant Patrick W. Lancaster has been in the United States Army for six years. He entered service while a resident of Hazel Green in Madison County, Alabama. He is currently serving on recruiting duty assigned to the Huntsville Recruiting Company.

He and his wife Amanda have four children ranging in age from less than one to twelve years old. Patrick reports the children are "keeping him and Amanda both very busy". Patrick likes bow hunting and enjoys riding motorcycles.

On 13 July 2005, then Private First Class Patrick W. Lancaster distinguished himself in action while serving in Afghanistan. Being awakened by small arms fire, he joined his team leader in attempting to reach the Observation Post that was under attack. The two soldiers came under fire and discovered the route to the Observation Post was cut off by enemy forces. PFC Lancaster was directed to provide fire support at which time he observed and engaged enemy forces attacking the Observation Post. Putting himself in harms way, he began to engage the enemy by using his M203 grenade launcher and scored a direct hit on the enemy position.

His firing drew the enemy's attention away from the Observation Post which allowed the occupants to escape safely. Hearing another soldier cry out after being wounded, PFC Lancaster, without regard for his personal safety, rushed over and provided aid to his wounded comrade. He then continued his assault against the enemy forces until they were driven back by friendly artillery fire. For his heroic actions, Patrick W. Lancaster was awarded the Army Commendation Medal w/Valor.