George Nadler

George Nadler: Distinguished Flying Cross

George Nadler is a native of Brooklyn, New York. After completing the Aviation Cadet Program in 1957 he began service as a commissioned officer. George retired from the United States Air Force in 1976 at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel having served twenty years of faithful service.

George currently resides in Harvest, Alabama and enjoys 4 wheeling and snow mobiling. During his career, George flew many types of aircraft and he piloted the B-52 bomber and C-130 aircraft during his combat missions in Southeast Asia.

During one such mission in Laos, he distinguished himself by heroism while serving as Aircraft Commander of a C-130 aircraft. On 21 February 1970, he assisted a friendly outpost that was under heavy attack from hostile ground forces. With complete disregard for his own personal safety and despite heavy enemy antiaircraft fire, he established with pin point accuracy the location of both the hostile ground force and antiaircraft fire. He then directed numerous allied fighter strikes against the hostile positions which resulted in the destruction of a tremendous amount of enemy munitions and supplies. For his heroic actions on that date, George Nadler was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.