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Shadrack McGill ousts incumbent Lowell Barron

By Stephen McLamb- bio | email

JACKSON COUNTY, AL (WAFF)- After 28 years in the state senate and over forty in the legislature, Lowell Barron has lost his place in the state legislature.

Shadrack McGill will take over.

Shad McGill says a national Republican wave helped him get elected.

McGill says beating Lowell Barron was not easy, but believes it started with the people of Alabama.

"Thank God for the wave. Otherwise without the wave how do you bring down a 28 year senior incumbent?" questioned McGill.

He feels it came from people who want real change. "We're finally starting to get some accountability. People are rising up and getting involved and holding people accountable," said McGill.

He feels it wasn't so much about him as it was the anti-incumbent movement. "Vote against those that are in office more so than it was vote for," said McGill.

McGill said it was a nasty race, but hopes that changes in the future.

"I want to set a new standard in that regard, let's keep it clean. Let's keep it clean from here on out," said McGill.

McGill say he knows it's now up to him to fulfill the promises of ethics reform and bringing jobs to the area.

"Excited. We got our work cut out for us and the work begins now," said McGill.

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