Sewing classes saving people money, teaching valuable skill

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HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Just about everyone is looking for ways to save a buck in this tough economy.

Many people are turning to an old tradition to get something new, without the hefty price tag.

A common thread links a group of Tennessee Valley ladies together, as they gather for what has become somewhat of a weekly ritual.

"This is a disappearing art," said Nancy Clines.

It's the art of sewing.

"I like this class because I learn so much more," said Jeannine Lacasse. "It's fun having classes with your sewing sisters."

Sewing classes at S & R Sewing and Vacuum center in Huntsville attract women from across the area.

"It's fun, lots of fun," Clines said.

"For me, it's therapy," Lacasse said. "I relax, it's just what I like to do."

These ladies say as healthy as it is for the mind, it's even better for the wallet.

"Down to my wedding dress, I found a designer dress that I liked," Lacasse said. "But I couldn't afford it. So my mom took three different patterns, made it and it looked identical to it."

S & R 4th generation owner Tony Coulson says he's seen embroidery become more popular over the years.

"Most of it is bringing out the garment that you haven't worn in three or four years, and doing something new with it and making yourself something that nobody's seen before," he said.

Sewing enthusiasts say those new to the craft shouldn't be intimidated by these machines, because they're not the sewing machines of the past.

"The machines today are very see-it, touch-it, do-it type technology," Coulson said. "It's very icon based. It's extremely easy art to learn how to do."

First, you have to start with the basics, and take it one step at a time.

But in the end, you'll have a skill that many regard as timeless.

"It's just like passing down a heritage in a family, an inheritance-type thing," Clines said.

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