Biggest Loser Challenge: If all good things come in 3's...

By Eric Sollman - bio | email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - If good things come in three's, part three of our Biggest Loser Challenge would be a tri-fecta.

On top of good eating and exercise, and with the help of our friends at Huntsville Hospital's Wellness Center, we added three side bar athletic competitions.

The first task was to push a four door pick-up weighing 36-hundred pounds.

"That was a hoss! That was hard to do," said competitor Todd Wade.

"They were pushing hard, people grunting. It was hot that day, and I think people thought the truck was heavier than what they were pushing," said personal trainer Jeremiah Shrode.

Driving with your feet instead of driving with your hands proved to be a little tougher than people expected.

"We were there Saturday morning, pushed that truck, almost died. You think you're going to push a small truck and it's going to be easy. You get about 75 yards and you start dying out, and we did, but we had a great time doing it," said Mike Seavers.

"We won the truck push, and I think that was more shear force-of-will than anything," said Wade.

Sticking with the theme of threes, it would only make sense to tell you about our triathlon.

"They didn't have to do all three things. One of the coaches took one of the legs," said trainer Shrode.

That leg, a five-mile stationary bike ride with a steep incline.

"The other person did the swimming part and the running part. It was really a mini triathlon, we cut it way back," added Shrode.

Tell that to those who took part in the 200 yard swim or the mile and half run. Even the coaches on wheels got their work-outs worth.

"They really worked hard on the bikes, even though they only had that one thing to do," Shrode said.

Now, if you're wondering about that third challenge, tune in next week for a beast of an obstacle course.

There was sweat, strain, and even some mud to amp up this grand finale you won't want to miss.

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