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Jack Crowe Press Conference Quotes

Opening Comments:
"We had our first shutout since 2006 and they are very rare and there are very few in the conference. It's very hard to keep someone to zero. It was a combination of a good field position game – and credit to out coverage team and kicker and punter. We benefited from having a short field a few times. I thought we made plays, but I am still concerned with our consistency to run the ball in certain situations. There were some plays made that bring attention to some evolving players. Nick Johnson had a great day on special teams. I thought James Powell, who didn't play all that much, made a difference."

"We are moving on to our Homecoming game and excited about playing at home for two weeks in a row. We are expecting a lot of people here this weekend and an opportunity to improve as a football team. I don't think we have surprised ourselves that we are 7-0, but I still believe that we are hungry about what the season holds for us and the next challenge, which is Austin Peay. We really had a difficult time with them last year. I think we have always had a difficult time with them. They have a great running back, Terrance Holt, who is at the top of the league in rushing. They are a bit different this year than they have in the past – they have been run, run, pass; but I think they are more run, pass, run now. They have a lot more confidence in their quarterback and he is a key part of their offense.

On OL Odie Rush:
"He came in here in January and didn't have a scholarship and has since earned one. He has started every game for us. I don't know what we have done without him. He has improved his play each week. He is probably the most athletic lineman we have since Levet Jones."

On DB Keginald Harris:
"Keggie (Harris) has been our quarterback in the secondary making calls. He can run fast and has great range. He comes from a family of fine football players. His dad played at Mississippi State. He is leading the league in interceptions."

On Austin Peay against the run:

"There are a couple of games that you could take out that changes those stats – the Wisconsin game for sure. I think SEMO is a team committed to the run and Tennessee State. A lot of teams have run the ball at them. I think they are young and new players in their defensive front. It appears to me from looking at film that they are getting better each game. The dam broke against Wisconsin, but we aren't Wisconsin."

On playing back-to-back home games:

"I think it's the first time we have had back-to-back home games in a while."

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