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Jack Crowe Press Conference Quotes - The Tennessee State Game

Opening Comments:
"We had a challenging game with UT Martin. The last two times we have been up there, we have gotten beat. I think we started we a mental edge and we got down the field twice early to get points. I thought we played as good as we have all year in spots. I think we still had some inconsistencies on offense in the second half. We had an outstanding performance in the kicking game. Our average starting field position was the 47-yard line and their average was around the 20-yard line. We played on a short field and they played on a long field."

"We have a connection on this football team, but its not showing up in the stats. Last year, we were 1-2 in a lot of different categories. We are scoring points and I think we are leading the league in that –and that's the most important stat. We don't represent a dominance of any kind except for the fat that we have a lot of playmakers. I think Denzel was the 15th guy to score a touchdown this season. We have some playmakers that haven't scored yet, that can. We are playing with a lot of heart."

"I have challenged these guys in that we are about to play the most talented team in the league in Tennessee State. They have lost a great running back a week ago and have a dominance statistically on stopping the run and they are great in pass defense. They are big and athletic."

"We are a team of something that I like. It makes me nervous every time we go play because I don't know what we are going to get. It's like a box of chocolates. I am very proud of them and I anticipate us playing very good. We hoping for a great crowd and I saw their band on film at SEMO, so they bring a lot of people. We are a lot closer than Cape Girardeau. We have to make sure that our people show up and have the home field advantage. The games we have had here have been great. I thought the students gave a great representation of the spirit in the crowd in the first two games here."

On Denzel Cheeks:

"Denzel (Cheeks) is 6-foot-7 and makes plays and good goal line target. Denzel is a talent because he is playing a position that he had never played before. I think Denzel can become a feature player. He is 6-foot-7 and fast and those two things usually don't go together. Catching the ball was his biggest adjustment."

On the history with Tennessee State:

"They beat us here on Homecoming one time, so it keeps them on my mind. Tennessee State is a place that attracts great athletes because they are right there in Nashville, Tenn. I think they have a safety that transferred from Miami and another one is a transfer from Florida State. Athletes want to go to that school – so when they roll out, you just go ‘wow'. They are very capable of coming in here and spoiling things for us, so we have to make sure that doesn't happen. I didn't know what to expect when I started watching them on film. Normally, you know the personality of the team and you have a feel for it. I don't' have a feel for them right now. They have had some disappointments this season and had one this past week against SEMO. They were moving the ball to win the game and had a penalty. They were on the way back to win that game, so they left hungry."

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