Bobby's Bama: Simple Life Farm

By Bobby Shuttleworth - bio | email

ARLEY, AL (WAFF)- For those tired of your fast-paced life and crave a simpler life, meet a Winston County native who decided to leave the corporate life and take her business degree back to the family farm.

Traveling on County Road 41 in Arley, Alabama, you'll notice a blue and white barn sitting off the road.  That's Simple Life Farm.

There you'll meet Annie the goat.

"She supplies us with good fresh milk for drinking, yogurt making and cheese....what's left over for soap.  She gets milked twice a day," said co-owner Cheryl Patton.

The nubian goat gives about half a gallon of milk a day.

"They are originally from Africa and possibly India," said Patton. "They give a nice milk high in butter fat, so it makes great cheese and great soap, because of that moisturizing benefit."

The farm's 40 acres also includes bees, donkeys and chickens, but not just any chickens-- fancy hens, a guinnea and even a white peacock.

"The brown chickens lay the green eggs and the black chickens lay the brown eggs," said Patton.

And yes, they're special too.

"These eggs are from a hen called an Araucana, and they came from South America."   "They lay a green egg that's high in vitamin E and lower in cholesterol, than the average egg," she said.

The guinea is a bug eater, a natural exterminator going after fleas and ticks.

While life on this farm is simple, they also incorporate some modern disciplines, like using solar power for electricity and common sense recycling.

"This farm was homesteaded in 1890," she said. "My 5th great grandfather and grandmother came here and homesteaded the land."
In the gift shop at Simple Life Farm, there's chocolate, goats milk soap, candles, jams and many other items.

In addition to the goats and the chickens, they also keep bees and sell bee products.

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