WAFF Biggest Loser Challenge rules

2010 WAFF 48 Fit Club

I know we're used to winning here at WAFF 48, but now it's time to start LOSING!


-Achieve your individual goal - $15 gift card (TBD)

-Biggest Loser, individual overall winner -$50 visa gift card

-Winning team – splits $500 (maximum 10 member teams –divided by me after weigh-ins based on participation)

Requirements of the Challenge:

*At least three days of (charted) exercise per week for 13 weeks (minimum 30 minutes/day)-Just writing down what you do on a piece of paper and for how long and how many reps will work. (You must turn this into your coach)*note: Coaches TBA

*Weigh-in every Monday – Must be charted by me (Eric Sollman), the mutual motivator.
Health Challenge Cards optional for extra weekly points (2 points extra if challenge is completed) – These won't be emailed to you each week, unless you make Monday weigh-ins. If Mondays do not work for you, please schedule a separate time with me or my designated weight manager.

*Teams and coaches will be separated and announced after the first weigh-in on Monday May 10th.
*The winning team will be determined by ***percentage*** of weight lost in pounds, NOT pounds alone.

Points will be accumulated as follows:
1 point for each day of exercise per week.  You can exercise as often as you like. (minimum 30 mins)
1 point for any achieved weight loss each week
2 points for accepting and meeting weekly health challenge

Point Penalties:
You will lose 3 points if you don't work out the required and charted 3 days per week.

*Don't think you can have your coaches cheat for you – points are only worth value to the individual!

The big out:
If you want out of the challenge, you may do so at any time.  You won't just be hurting yourself, but your team will suffer. You will now be weighed in as the person who loses the least on your team each week.