Bobby's Bama: Model Trains

By Bobby Shuttleworth - bio | email

DECATUR, AL (WAFF)- We've all heard the expression, "boys and their toys", but there are some collectors and enthusiasts who take it to a new level.

"Well it all goes back about 70 years when I was a youngster....," recalled Don Fries.

Don Fries takes a sentimental journey back in time whenever he makes the trip to the attic to visit his model train collection.

His last layout contains miles of track, villages, depots and trains that fill the giant room in his attic.  He has vintage pieces that go back to the 50's.

He admits it's hobby that seems to grow with time, especially in retirement.

"Kids were out of college, so I had a little more money. And I had more time," he said.

He's not alone either.  There is a group of men who have similar layouts.  He says they meet now and then to share information.

While many such enthusiasts say they "did it for their kids," Don says this is his love.

"It's still my passion.  It will be my passion forever."

Fries says he's never really been that interested in big trains.  He says the smaller trains are totally mapped out in his imagination.

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