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Huntsville City Council District 3 down to a November runoff

By Margo Gray - bio | email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - One of the tightest races on the ballot for Huntsville's City Council District 3 seat has come down to a runoff.

The seat has been left wide open by long-time City Council member Sandra Moon.

Eight candidates were on the ballot and that number is now down to two with the runoff race between Barry Pendergraft and John Olshefski. 

When every candidate in the race for Huntsville's District 3 seat wants south Huntsville revitalized with more businesses, transparency in city government and better schools, how do they set themselves apart?

"Basically my knowledge of the city, I've worked for the city since I was 16 years old, I know how it works and I know who to talk too to get things done," said Candidate Barry Pendergraft.

"I believe I have to best qualifications, I'm the guy that has run a city called Redstone arsenal for 3 years that is about the size of this place," said Candidate John Olshefski.

John Olshefski, former Garrison Commander of Redstone Arsenal has raised the most out of any other candidate to fund his campaign.

Former police officer Barry Pendergraft spent 25 years on the police force.

So now it comes down to hard campaigning on the day of elections and a good turnout.

"With eight people there almost has to be a run off it just doesn't compute for one person to get more than 50 percent so our goal is to right now get into the top two."

"Everybody makes that assumption that I'm the front runner because I raised all that money but we've proven that raising all the money doesn't win it every time, the answer is if I didn't think I was the front runner or that I could win it outright then I wouldn't be in this race."

With Barry Pendergraft and John Olshefski walking away with a majority of the votes, they have another 6 weeks of campaigning ahead, before voters head back to the polls for a runoff in November.

Official results from all the elections won't come back until next Tuesday.

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