Bobby's Bama: Country legends Alabama


By Bobby Shuttleworth - bio | email

FORT PAYNE, AL (WAFF) - Some famous artists have come out of north Alabama including the popular country group Alabama.

Fort Payne is home to the museum and gift shop of the country music phenomenon.

Randy, Teddy, Jeff and Mark are the boys from Fort Payne who make up the legendary band.

Although the old tour bus sits idle in the back, fans like Donna Wolfer of Spring, Texas still flock to this place.

"We passed Fort Payne several times and wanted to stop and never had the chance and we were coming back to take us from North Carolina on vacation and made a detour," she said.

Liz Meadows, of Mize, Mississippi, says she and her family tour this place as often as they can on their way to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

"Feels So Right and songs like that is what I love. Randy Owens is what I really love," she said.

The museum displays Jeff Cook's guitars.

"Some of those, from what I understand, he made and had someone do the artwork for him," said tour guide Myra Frye.

They are shaped like a fish, colt 45, even a U.S. map. He also has police badges from all over the country.

"This is Teddy's, as you can tell, with all the teddy bears. Teddy was born and raised right up on the mountain and lives across the road from where he was born," explained Frye.

She says teddy and Randy still write music and both own cattle farms next to each other. Frye says Teddy produces for other artists.

Individually and collectively the members have donated a lot of money and time to various charities.

"From what I understand, Mark is flying corporate jets and things like that now. He's a volunteer firefighter. He still lives up on the mountain," said Frye.

Awards are prominently displayed as are the words to many songs.

The group, although pursuing separate interests, still performs together twice a year in this part of Bobby's Bama at Christmas for kids and the song writers showcase.

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