Attorney Bruce Gardner comments on Discovery shooter moving from jail

By Margo Gray - bio | email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Severe depression and the development of psychotic behaviors, that's what experts working for Defense Attorney Bruce Gardner says Hammad Memon is coping with.

That's also the reason that Gardner wanted him moved from jail and into a mental facility.

"I'm not excusing his conduct for what he did. What I am saying is he is very seriously mentally ill right now, and he is 15-years-old, and does not need to be at this point in an adult penal facility," said Gardner.

The Madison County Sheriff's Office signed off on the order to transfer him to Bryce hospital's adolescent unit for an extensive mental evaluation.

It will then be sent to the court outlining his diagnosis.

"He knew exactly what he was doing on that day but the question is how are we going to treat this adolescent at this point," Gardner added.

"As far as we are concerned right now, is that he is being treated for a mental illness just like he would be treated for a broken arm, it's treatment at a facility that is designed for treatment," said Assistant District Attorney Tim Gann.

Gann also says that if the case goes to trial, it all boils down to if Memon knew right from wrong during the shooting.

Memon's attorney is currently appealing the judge's order to charge Memon as an adult.

If the judge chooses to rule in the way of the prosecution, Memon will go back to jail.

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