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Stars to play two Saturday and Sunday

Stars fans, tonight's DH has been cancelled due to unplayable field conditions.  The storm that smacked the region this afternoon flooded the dugouts, tore down outfield wall signs, ripped the covers off the bullpens and saturated the mounds and left the outfield so wet that between our staff, the two managers and three umpires, nobody felt comfortable putting players on it.


We will attempt to play a DH tomorrow at 5:00 pm.  Here's what's on tap: It's a Costco Night.  All Costco card holders will receive 50% off their ticket purchases.  Early arriving fans will receive the remainder of the t-shirts that weren't handed out tonight.  Additionally, Uncle Bob's Self Storage will hand out Thundersticks to fans before the game and Frisbees after the DH is over.  Fireworks are scheduled for after the 2nd game, but that will depend on weather conditions and the ability to safely set up the show..


As most of you know we have storms forecasted all the way thru Monday, August 23rd.  That's a week from this Monday.  There is a Tropical Depression/Storm somewhere that's locking us into some nasty weather this week.  We're pretty sure that when our guys travel to Birmingham later this week that they will being seeing so delays as well.


We will make every effort to get these games in.  We'll work with the fireworks folks to do everything we can to shoot fireworks, even if it's in a rain delay, but they need good weather to set up a show.


Sunday's DH will be a split DH.  At this time the game times are still to be determined.  We received permission tonight from the league to juggle Sunday game times to work around storms.  Most of the teams that are home this week will be doing the same thing.  We know we will have an early game Sunday, sometime around noon or 1:00 pm.  Then, if the projected mid-to-late afternoon showers arrive on schedule we will have the 2nd game at 5:00 or 6:00 pm, based on the radar.  The game times for Sunday's games will be set tomorrow night (Saturday) and we will send out a newsletter tomorrow night with those game times.


The Stars are 3.5 games behind the West Tenn Diamond Jaxx in the Wild Card standings.  Every one of these games is critical to us climbing back into the playoff picture.  Not playing benefits the D-Jaxx because the time will come when there won't be time left on the schedule to make these games up.


We'll be pulling tarp at 7:00 am tomorrow.  If anybody isn't sleeping in tomorrow and wants to join in some stadium operations excitement, come on down and join in the fun.


Your treasure hunt clues from last night and tonight:

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