Bobby's Bama: Cathedral Caverns

By Bobby Shuttleworth - bio | email

MARSHALL COUNTY, AL (WAFF)- On these hot and steamy days, imagine an atmosphere that stays a constant 60 degrees, provides great scenery, and is near a river.

Cathedral Caverns is located in northern Marshall County near the town of Woodville.

The entrance of the cave looks like a giant mouth.

"From the top of the steps behind us to the ceiling of the cave is about 25 feet high and from side to side it's 128 feet.  And everything we see is natural," said park manager Lamar Pendergrass.

As you descend into the caves's gullet, there's a quick temperature change.

"It stays at just about 100 percent humidity.  The temperature stays a consistent 60 degrees," said Pendergrass.

Along the way, there's a couple of places where it looks like a shark's tooth is wedged in the ceiling.

"The one coming from the ground up is a stalagmite.  The one coming from the ceiling down is a stalactite," Pendergrass said.

Upon meeting, they form a column of calcite.  Cathedral Caverns contain one of the largest in the world at 45 feet high and 45 feet wide and 240 feet around.

Reflection pools make it possible to see nature's artistry from two perspectives, and sculptures seem to arise depicting cavemen, dogs, even Abe Lincoln's shadow.

While art is open for the interpretation of the viewer, no one can deny the majesty of the cathedral room.

"This is one of the spots on the tour when you get the 'Wow' effect," said Pendergrass.

And that's the effect tourists want to see.

"Very, very cool," said visitor Alex Pugh.

"It was awesome, like one of the best caves I've ever been to," said Zach Pugh.

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