Bobby's Bama: Sci-Quest

By Bobby Shuttleworth - bio | email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF)- Science meets fun and imagination at Sci-Quest in Huntsville.

Kids are overwhelmed with gizmos to play with.  For example, one of them shows a domino effect and how one action leads to several reactions.

"I love the reaction on kid's faces.  They're always smiling and glowing, especially when they find out they can touch everything," said Margie Marrow, Sci-Quest.

Touching, seeing, smelling, and hearing can go a long way in helping kids learn, so while Sci-Quest is a great place to have fun, there is still a learning process taking place.

A lot of children, though, don't even realize it because of all the things, like big engines and moon buggy rides, that the center has to offer.

Everyone seems to have their own favorite experience.

"I like throwing those big balloons over there," said Hannah Brewster.  "They were really big!"

"I enjoyed working at that ball thing where the balls go down," said Jack Brewster.  "It would do swirlies and a jump."

"It's that soccer thing over there that wind thing that blows the balls up and over there - it's my favorite part," said visitor Ryan Ogawa.

Another cool feature about Sci-Quest is visitors can play beach volleyball, without the beach or being outside, and that helps make it another stop along the way in Bobby's Bama.

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