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Huntsville City Council passes texting while driving ban

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF)- The Huntsville City Council unanimously passed a texting while driving ban Thursday night.

Huntsville is the 5th Alabama city to pass this type of law.

The ordinance bans the use of sending or receiving a text message, viewing pictures or email while driving.

However, a driver can not be pulled over just for the texting violation. An officer would have to see them breaking another law first.

[Click here to read the ordinance (PDF)]

Thursday night, the vote on the ordinance from city council members came with some doubts on how to enforce it.

"I see problems with this, but I am certainly not going to sit up here and vote against it because that would be sending the message that it's ok to text," said councilwoman Sandra Moon.

"I don't think it's perfect, I think there is going to be challenges concerning enforcement, but I think it will help as far as traffic safety," added councilman Bill Kling.

Some residents, though, believe the ordinance doesn't go far enough.

"I think the approach is only addressing part of the problem, and I think it needs to be expanding to talking on the cell phone and not just texting," said Huntsville resident Paul Carlton. "In the meantime, I believe this ordinance will save lives."

The ban will become effective in 60 days.

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