Bobby's Bama: Town of Mooresville

By Bobby Shuttleworth - bio | email

MOORESVILLE, AL (WAFF)-  Mooresville is described as a sleepy little town between Decatur and Huntsville, but once there, you'll find the town is alive and full of character.

"I came out here when it was horse and buggy days," said resident Joseph Marsh.

Marsh has lived in Mooresville for 67 of his 89 years.

In the town, there are several landmarks including the Limestone Bay Trading Company and Restaurant.

"Originally there was a man who came to town with his son--Mr. Oliver--and his wife had died, and he came to town to be with family.  They built this store in 1908," said resident Dee Green.

Once I-565 came in, through traffic stopped, but people still visit the town for history's sake.

"The building was a stage coach Inn and Tavern that was built about 1820," said Green.

She said this place was buzzing--a place for mail carriers to rest, pick up horses, get a meal and sleep.

Mooresville currently has the oldest working post office in the state.

"The first two governors of Alabama were Bibbs. William and Thomas Bibb," said Green.  She said they donated the property for the town's first church.

This peaceful setting makes you want to watch, listen and smell what's around you.

"We didn't get electricity 'til '49 or 50, one.  And then we didn't get telephones until '57," said Marsh.

He said they still have a Decatur Exchange and it's still long distance to call Athens.

Mooresville is not a museum town.  It is a living, thriving member of the community, much the way it was when it was established in 1805, which makes it another stop along the way in Bobby's Bama.

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