Discovery shooting suspect transferred to jail from detention center

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HUNTSVILLE, AL - Friday, a judge ruled to try 14-year-old Hammad Memon as an adult for murder.

Memon is accused of shooting his classmate, 14-year-old Todd Brown, at Discovery Middle School in February.

Memon's bond has been set at $75,000 dollars, pending the condition he give up his passport.

After the hearing, Memon was taken to the Madison County Metro Jail. Authorities say Memon will be in solitary confinement and on suicide watch.

This wasn't an easy decision for the judge. The judge had to take six key points into consideration. They include the nature of the offense, the minor's mental and physical maturity and his demeanor and the nature of any prior offenses on his record.

Through attorney Mark McDaniel, family members of shooting victim Todd Brown say they're pleased with Judge Lynn Sherrod's ruling that moves Memon's murder case from the juvenile system into adult court.

"It is a relief. It is a tremendous relief to get to this point for this family, again they feel like justice has been done today," said McDaniel.

However, the transfer of 14-year-old Hammad Memon from a juvenile detention center to an adult jail was worrisome to his parents, and his attorney Bruce Gardner.

"It's the proverbial lamb into the lion's den, if you will," said Gardner.

Gardner also said some logistics will have to be worked out before Memon can be moved.

"At age 14, he's a maintenance nightmare for any jail, or any sheriff, and we're trying to find a place, he certainly can't stay here now," Gardner said.

Gardner said that even though he doesn't want him in an adult jail setting, having him out on bond isn't a good idea either.

"If he walked out of the door today, I couldn't guarantee you that, if he wasn't in a structured environment, that he wouldn't be dead tomorrow," said Gardner.

He had hoped that Judge Sherrod would have transferred him instead to a psychiatric facility or keep him in the juvenile court. He said he will continue to stress his client's mental condition as the case moves forward.

"He's severely depressed with some evidence of psychotic features," said Bruce Gardner.

If this case would have remained in juvenile court and he would have been convicted, Memon would have been released on his 21st birthday and his record would have been cleared.

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