Bobby's Bama: Cook's Natural Science Museum

By Bobby Shuttleworth - bio | email

DECATUR, AL (WAFF)- If you have a fear of bugs and other creepy crawlers, the Cook's Natural Science Museum in Decatur might give you goosebumps.

The museum is located on 13th Street SE off 6th Avenue in Decatur.

The creatures you'll find there are not what you would like to find crawling up your leg.

"I don't really like bugs," said LaKeesha Hill, museum visitor.

"I think the bugs are awesome! I like insects and everything," added Tamara Green.  "Up there we were looking at this huge beetle, and it had a hair on it's head. I thought that was pretty weird."

There are even some surprises for those who have a spider phobia.

"What I really got scared about was when I saw the spiders....and black widow spiders," said Zack Hampton, student.

"It might freak me out because it looks like bugs to me," said Hill.

For others, this museum is an opportunity to learn about animals and bugs they just don't see every day.

Written notes on the animals give kids a better understanding about creatures that stroll, slink, slide and even stink.

Visitors don't look at the creatures from just the outside either.

"You can press a button and see the skeleton, that's pretty neat to see...and an animal where you get to see the insides," said Green.

"I don't like snakes, so I was scared the whole time when I saw them," said Hampton.

Whether it's snakes, bugs, the subject of sweet dreams or nightmares, you can find it all in Bobby's Bama.

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