Vipers Fall to Storm Friday Night

The Alabama Vipers were ready to showcase their talents in front of a national television audience against Tampa Bay on Friday but the bad news for the Vipers is that the Storm was up for the challenge.

Alabama would spot Tampa Bay 13 points before they would get on the scoreboard, but once they found the end zone the hiss would try and rally all night. Quarterback Kevin Eakin would hook up with Larry Shipp with just 26 seconds left in the game to pull Alabama within six but that would be as close as they would get.

Alabama falls to Tampa Bay 61-55, the loss drops the Vipers to 5-4 on the season. Kevin Eakin would pass for 396 yards and seven touchdowns in the loss. Wide Receiver Larry Shipp would haul in 208 yards worth of passes and four touchdowns.

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