Bobby's Bama: Young At Heart Dolls

By Bobby Shuttleworth - bio | email

MADISON, AL (WAFF) - It's not the Cabbage Patch Doll hospital, but there is a nursery in the Tennessee Valley where little girls' dreams of pretend motherhood come true through adoption.

When you walk into most doll shops, you see many faces that look alike. But not at Young At Heart Dolls in Madison.

The faces at this nursery look like actual babies with life-like expressions so real you expect to hear crying.

"They all are kind of different," said adoptee, 10-year-old Emily Campbell. "When you go and look, all the babies are like in these little boxes, and I've seen them on television. It's like a real nursery."

There is a strict process for these adoptions. New moms must promise to sing and read to their new babies.

A very strict interview leaves prospective moms with a sense of responsibility.

"We wanted it to be a unique experience for the child so they can learn responsibility," said owner Kathy Pullam.

Pullam and her nurses weigh and measure each baby and give them a lung and heart checkup.

Each new mother is given a diaper changing lesson.

"A lot of the mothers now are actually bringing the child in if the mom is pregnant and having the child pick out their own baby, so that at the same time mom is taking care of the new sibling in the home, the child - little girl - is also helping take care of her own child," said Pullam.

After all the paperwork and health checkup, pictures are made for posterity and the new mom and baby are introduced.

For many of these "adoptive parents" these adoptions make for good practice for future parents in Bobby's Bama.

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