Dragonflies invade Decatur until August

By Bobby Shuttleworth - bio | email

DECATUR, AL (WAFF)- "Dance of the Dragonflies" sounds like a ballet, and while it is art, it isn't dance.

The "Dragonflies" are sculptures painted and decorated by commissioned, local artists.

The sculptures are on the Carnegie Arts trail.

"These are our second outdoor art trail exhibits.  Last year we did butterflies, and this year it's dragonflies.  And there are 60 of them," said exhibit coordinator Kathy Silvestri.

You can catch the exhibits all over the downtown Decatur area through August 14th.

"They are done by local artists.  Different artists volunteered their time to paint the dragonflies.  They are sponsored by local businesses and individuals," said Silvestri.

At the end of the exhibit, the artsy bugs will buzz back to the sponsor or they can be returned to the Carnegie where they will be auctioned at the dragonfly ball in August.

"Oh we love them!  We drive around and look for them.  It's kind of become a family hobby.  My little girl, especially will spot them and say Mommy look there's another dragonfly," said resident Ahbra Northcutt.

What's not to love?  Artists pay homage to the sponsors of sculptures.  Rockets adorn the Boeing bug, and wood is the foundation for Fite Lumber's bug. There are even scenes from Decatur, including the Princess Theatre, painted on the Dragonflies.

"Normally when I carry her to Central, that's where she goes to pre-school at, she loves to take the same path so we can take the colorful dragonflies and see each and every day something different...because it's something new for her," said resident Hollie Johnson.

The eyes have it for Marx optical...and who wouldn't like a dragonfly made of money in front of Bank Independent downtown.

"We have my grandma and my mother and my daughter all here looking at them.  We're walking around and looking at them all," said Decatur resident Randi Millsap.

The Dance of the Dragonflies is a good example of artwork outside for the masses....something you can get a handle on in Bobby's BAMA.

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