Russo family praying for child in Huntsville Hospital

By Margo Gray – bio | email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Many times, you'll hear of accidents along our highways, ending with a loss of life or those critically injured.

Not often do we get to hear the back story of who they are and the kind of impact a devastating accident may have on a family.

We're talking about an accident last month on I-65 in near Athens involving eight high school students from Kentucky.

One died at the scene and three others were sent to Huntsville Hospital.

One Kentucky student is still in the hospital a month after the accident.

With one accident, eight families were thrown into a crisis in an unknown town.

Eight high school girls on their way back from vacation in Florida; headed home to Kentucky when their SUV flipped along I-65 in Limestone county, killing one and injuring the others.

18-year old Jessie Russo was one of them.

She was flown to Huntsville Hospital, where now a month later she still remains.

Her father, Dave Russo has been holding vigil by her bedside.

He said, "there is no way you can prepare for this, there is not a manual written on it. I don't know how you could do this without faith in God."

Russo whose twins were in the SUV when it crashed wanted to publicly thank the strangers in Huntsville Hospital miles away from Kentucky who worked to save his daughter's life.

"I got to see first hand some things that they have done and the nurses that have been by Jessie's side 24 hours a day."

Jessie is an avid soccer player who wants to become an orthopedic surgeon.

Her father said her recovery has been difficult but the family will continue to rely on the efforts by countless doctors and nurses who for Jessie.

"You have shown us that we are not alone and in the face of tragedy we count on you."

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