New rule changes for college football

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight  Panel committee has approved three rule changes in college football that will take place during the upcoming season and during the 2011 season.

Beginning this season eye black with symbols or messages are banned from college football. Also wedge blocking on kickoffs  will be banned from college football. The new wedge blocking rule says when the team receiving a kickoff has more than two players standing within two yards of one another, shoulder to shoulder, it will be assessed a 15-yard penalty -- even if there is no contact between the teams.

The reason: NCAA studies have shown that 20 percent of all injuries occurring on kickoffs result in concussions.

The biggest rule change will take place during the 20111 season.Tauting in the field of play will cost teams points.  Live-ball penalties will be assessed from the spot of the foul and eliminate the score. Examples include players finishing touchdown runs by high-stepping into the end zone or pointing the ball toward an opponent.