"Blueprint for Real Immigration Reform" release by Tony Cochran

ALBERTVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Senate District 9 Republican candidate Tony Cochran released his "Blueprint for Real Immigration Reform" on April 15th. The plan is a six-point solution to the problem of illegal immigration in North Alabama. This is the first of its kind in the state.

"It is my belief, with proper leadership, this plan can diminish the flow of illegal drugs into Alabama and reduce crimes associated with drug trafficking," commented Mr. Cochran. "This plan will curb, if not eliminate, human trafficking and prostitution associated with this sub-culture. It will improve the living conditions and stop the abuse of those who take advantage of immigrants. Finally, my plan will reduce the number of illegal immigrants being employed in Alabama and the Sand Mountain area, not by litigation, harassment and/or disharmony, but by cooperation between the local communities, their governments and the business community," added Cochran.

Mr. Cochran's six step approach includes 1) conducting an immigration summit with the construction, poultry, agriculture, and landscaping industries; 2) requiring Alabama employment/unemployment offices to e-verify all workers; 3) aggressively pursuing ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) certification for State Troopers; 4) constructing and funding an incarceration/holding facility for detained illegal aliens awaiting deportation; 5) strengthening current law related to bond requirements for anyone arrested on drug trafficking charges because they are at risk for flight; and 6) increasing funding for drug interdiction efforts in the Sand Mountain area.

"If properly led and executed, this plan will serve as a roadmap for other states and communities to adopt in order to bring about improvements in the same areas of concern when it comes to the immigrants flowing to their area," he concluded.