UAH President comments on college 2 months after shootings

By Elizabeth Gentle - bio | email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Victims remembered the University of Alabama Board of Trustees met for the first time since a shooting rampage on the UA Huntsville campus.

Three professors died and three more were hurt.

A former biology professor is charged in the attacks on her colleagues.

This was a board's annual meeting at the Huntsville campus.

The UA system meets four times a year at their different campus locations.

Friday, trustees met at the Bevill Center at UAH.

The discussion centered around February's shooting that left three professors dead, where the school is today, and what the future holds.

The campus of UAH is working toward a new type of normal after a shooting there two months ago.

"Of course we recognize we've been through some terrible times recently the loss of three faculty members recovery of Professor Lehey and Ms. Monticello," said Dr. David Williams, President of UAH.

Amy Bishop Anderson, a former professor of biology, is charged with shooting and killing three fellow faculty members during a staff meeting February 12th.

Three more were seriously hurt.

Anderson is charged with capital murder and attempted murder.

UAH President David Williams said it hasn't been easy.

"It will mark us but it won't distinguish us. We will be distinguished by the things that we do not the things that are done to us," said Williams.

Faculty and students said they want to move forward, put the tragedy behind them, and embrace exciting new changes ahead.

"Spring is a sign of new life, I think our university is having a rebirth," said Williams.

The finishing touches are being put on new dormitories for freshman housing.

There's a five year plan in the works to bring UAH to a new level of academic and research excellence.

A chance, Williams says to turn the spotlight away from a tragedy no one expected.

"The way the campus is coming back together again they are helping us to charge on," said Williams.

Anderson remains in jail without bond.

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