Bobby's Bama: Unusual canvas makes for unique artwork

By Bobby Shuttleworth - bio | email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Artist Robert Wheeler tells folks his interest in art started practically in the womb.

"My mother tells the story that I would ask for a 'stencil' and paper to draw 'woof woof'," said Wheeler.

And it grew from there.

"Starting in elementary school, the teachers would have me do murals on the boards. And in elementary school I started oil painting," he said.

Wheeler has branched into several mediums. His flag oil paintings have garnered a lot of attention as have his sculptures.

And as Easter approaches, we are drawn to goose eggs.  On them you will find beautiful, detailed portraits and sculptures in 3 dimensions.

"I started painting on them and eventually it went to sculpting and gluing them onto the eggs to make realistic scenes," Wheeler explained.

So why goose eggs?

Wheeler said the size is better than chicken eggs.

"The goose eggs are larger and the peacock eggs are even larger than that," Wheeler said.

The large peacock eggs give plenty of room for decorating. Some eggs he turns into music boxes. And for that he also chooses the music.

The world of nature opens up to this artist who is an avid bird watcher and gardener.

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