Memorial book to honor victims, help UA-Huntsville heal

By Trang Do - Bio | Email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A project is in the works to honor and remember the victims of the University of Alabama in Huntsville shooting rampage.

Six members of the biology department were shot February 12th.

Three died and three are recovering.

The idea for a memorial book came from an art student, but the vision is being carried out by UA-huntsville staff member Gail Seemann, whose hope is that it will help this campus heal.

The healing process is a long journey, and for some, having a creative outlet may help them deal with what they're feeling.

"The idea is to allow people to use creativity to help them process any emotions they may have, where they may not want to seek a counselor, they may not even need a counselor," said Seemann, disability services coordinator at UA-Huntsville.

She's looking for any kind of artistic submissions ranging from artwork to poetry and anything in between to include in the book.

"Coming together to create something like this will help them heal," she said. "And it would be something we could give to other people who go through this to help them heal as well."

Seemann said the first submission to the book captures the essence of the project.

It's a poem written by Biology student Kim Helms titled "February 12th."

She recited it at a campus-wide memorial service in February.

The final stanza of the poem reads:

"So as we honor the lives of those lost, and those still bravely facing the challenge of recovery keep those words close in your mind, clothe your heart in blue and white, proudly hold up your home in the face of tragedy, and Charge On."

Seemann said she's looking for more artwork for the book from the UA-Huntsville community.

She's accepting submissions through May 12th.

To find out how to make a contribution, e-mail Gail at

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