Police get SWAT training in Marshall County

MARSHALL COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - You never know the time nor the place when a SWAT team will be called in to risk their lives to save others.

Thursday in Marshall County, they were preparing for just that.

Area law enforcement were at the shooting range getting training from some of the best of the best. People who have served in special forces roles in the military.

Whether it's training to protect dignitaries or police swat teams, that's what Cript Academy is doing with area law enforcement in Marshall County.

These officers undergoing the "Shots fired!" officer survival course this week. They're getting it done with plenty of advanced shooting techniques, a lot of drills, and classroom instruction.

Instructors say they're teaching these officers about how to deal in small unit tactics. The chief instructor says the situation could be like downtown Baghdad or downtown Arab when the situation arises but the goal is to prepare for the real thing. "We're trying to eliminate a lot of Hollywood stuff that people see on TV. We're trying to teach them the things that are going to be effective under fire. It's basically combat tactics for the police officer," said Cript Academy Owner John Emery.

Emery hopes it will be training that will keep officers safe in those tough situations and allow them to go home at the end of the day.

The session ends on Friday.