School leaders address parents about Whitesburg gun incident

By Margo Gray - bio | email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Sick and tired of threats of violence at their school, parents from Whitesburg Middle School showed up for a school meeting Tuesday night.

School leaders felt the need to address parents after a gun was found in a bathroom last week.

Parents wanted to hear straight from school leaders what more can be done to make sure that when they drop their kids of at school, they will be safe.

They wanted to know things like how did a gun get into the school?  How soon did school officials know about the potential threat?  And will the students accused of bringing the gun to school be allowed back in?

Huntsville City Schools Superintendent Dr. Ann Roy Moore was left to answer all.

"We did not try hide anything from parents, the three parent link messages were to tell you that something was going on," Moore said.

Wednesday, school officials were alerted to a rumor, about a student intending to bring a gun to school.

Students told school officials they heard a gun was on campus in a trash can, which police confirmed was stashed at school early Thursday morning.

The entire school was then placed on lockdown, causing confusion for many parents.

Now days later, parents are still fearful for their child's safety and want answers from school officials.

"To say that our children were not in danger is also wrong, I strongly disagree with that and I think the school system needs to step up on this one," said Whitesburg parent Kelly May.

"It's a sad situation for everybody around that we can't feel as safe as we once did," said Danny Owen.

The superintendent tried to reassure parents all safety measures were properly followed.

An additional security guard has been added to the school.

Huntsville Police will offer more support patrolling the campus and surveillance which are already monitored 24 hours a day will have more eyes focused on Whitesburg Middle School.

Two students are still in custody charged with carrying a concealed weapon to Whitesburg.

The most important question parents had tonight is, will those students ever step back into Whitesburg Middle School.

The answer: they have been suspended and a hearing is set to see if they will be expelled.

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