Former Tigers Participate At Auburn’s Annual NFL Pro Day

AUBURN, Ala. - Auburn football held its annual NFL Pro Day Tuesday with

13 former Tigers working out in front of NFL scouts for close to three hours.

The group, which was broken up into different sub-groups primarily based on positions, spent time in two different sessions. The first session was held indoors at the John H. Watson Fieldhouse, and consisted of workouts in measurable testing. Those drills included the 40-yard dash, standing long jumps, vertical jumps, 225-pound bench presses and shuttle cone drills.

After spending close to an hour-and-a-half indoors, the groups moved outdoors where each worked on position specific drills. Groups included defensive backs, quarterbacks/wide receivers/tight ends, running backs and defensive linemen. Each group spent 15 minutes doing drills outdoors, and all were staggered so that each could work out on the Sprinturf artificial field behind the Athletics Complex.

The NFL Draft will be held April 22-24 in New York City.

Quoting Former Auburn Players

Antonio Coleman

Overall thoughts…

"I thought I did a pretty solid job. For having a busted up quad I think I did pretty well. I don't know the times I ran but I think they were pretty good. I did great in the drills so I think I was pretty solid."

On what his objective was…

"I was just trying to come out here and give them what they want and show them that I could play end or outside linebacker."

On his excitement for the draft…

"I'm excited to see what team picks me up. I can't control that, all I can do is work out for these guys when they want me to work out and show them that I'm one of the best defensive ends out there."

On the possibility of being asked to play linebacker in the NFL… "It's kind of tough because 16 of the (NFL) teams are playing a 3-4 now, but whatever the case may be, I just want to play football. I'm just looking for an opportunity. I know I'm a hard worker and I know I'll make a team."

Walter McFadden

Overall thoughts…

"I think I had a pretty good day. A lot of scouts came up to me saying a lot of great things. Now I just have to keep praying and see what happens."

On how important this day was to him…

"It was really important, with the situation I was in not being able to go to the combine. But some things just happen for a reason, and I believe this thing happened just for me to come out here and show my skills."

On being underestimated…

"At first it was disappointing, but with having a lot of family that have gone through it, I saw that you can have a lot of people that go to the combine and still not get drafted. That was a big thing for me was that I feel like I was an underdog and this was another time for me to try to overcome it."

Gabe McKenzie

On how hard he worked to get in shape the last couple of months… "I could do all that again. I lost 10 lbs. I probably need to hydrate a little bit better."

On if he was being looked at for defense or offense… "I think they were looking at both, especially during some of the drills. I'm looking at playing tight end again and I think everything looked good."

On his versatility and if the fact that he's played both positions helped… "You already know. I've been working at both and I've been working for it day and night."

Ben Tate

Overall thoughts…

"I think it went pretty well. I came out and showed that I can catch the ball and that's what a lot of the scouts want to see me catch, to see where my hands are at."

On deciding whether or not to participate in Auburn's pro day… "I never thought of not competing, because the coaches want to see you compete and I am a competitor and I never back away from competition."

On being underestimated…

"I feel like I was being underestimated by whole career, but I don't mind being the underdog because one day the underdog will be on top."

Chris Todd

On his day…

"It is a different experience because you have a lot of people watching you. Everybody is trying to go out and do their best and they have been preparing for this for a while. It was a good experience and fun getting in front of a lot of NFL guys and showing them what you've got."

On his plans for next year if the NFL doesn't work out … "Of course you discuss it with agents to see if will work out and who is interested. I'll just keep working until we found something out.

The big point was getting to this day and coming out and having a decent day. We got there and we'll find out pretty soon what the future holds."

On what the scouts said to him today…

"A lot of them just commented on what you're doing. I was doing a lot of different drills with a lot of different people. They were just seeing how things were going and if you needed to do something they would comment on that. It wasn't anything crazy."