Two very different ladies come together for one cause

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Two women on two different sides of the political spectrum are coming together for one cause, to protest congressman Parker Griffith.

Christie carden with the Huntsville Tea Party and Sherry Walker with organized a protest for Monday Night when Griffith and house minority leader John Boehner campaign for the congressman to keep his seat.

But both Carden and Walker say they want him out.

"We trusted him, he went to washington and turned out to be a completely different person than he presented himself as. So how can anyone trust this guy," asked Walker.

"We don't want our congressman to be hand-picked from D.C. We're all very active, we've been paying very close attention and this is our primary," said Carden.

It's a rare occasion for both groups to work towards one goal, but say they want to make a difference and after Parker's surprising party switch back in December, let the voters decide if Griffith stays in congress.

"We're never going to agree on everything," said Walker. "There's always going to be areas of disagreement, but I think we can get something done."

These two groups are hoping to get their message across and hoping for a big turnout at this event.

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